Our frog classes are designed to encourage your toddler’s independence in the water but we really home in on the fact that toddlers just love to play. Lots of our activities will be based on games, singing and interaction between all our toddlers. What we want to see is them kicking their legs, moving their arms, blowing their bubbles, jumping in, chasing toys whilst singing, shouting and laughing at the top of their voices. As we know babies and toddlers learn best through play.

We want to see all our frogs taking little swims on their own, homing in on their breath control and swimming independently either with a woggle or a float.

All of our toddlers will be learning more skills and becoming more safety conscious in the water. We want to give our frogs as much independence as we can at this stage preparing them for when they’re ready to join our TOADS and have lessons all by themselves.