tadpole beginners

Our Tadpole beginner classes are for babies who have had little or no experience of being in the water. The classes introduce you and your baby into the water and settles you in to the pool in a relaxed environment.
The primary aim for the beginner’s course is to get both parent and baby relaxed in the water, enjoying your time together growing in confidence week after week.
We will teach you the best way to hold your baby and get you swimming around together straight away.
We encourage lots of eye contact as well as singing to provide gentle stimulation to your babies as it’s their favorite source of communication at this young age.

Please click this link to see more information of our beginners classes, times and dates.

We will teach your baby back floating from the start as babies love the feeling of their ears being in the water whilst gazing up at their parents.

Babies love the support and the massaging feeling that the water brings to their bodies. The freedom of movement that they can have not only in the water but under the water is like none other at this age.

We will be introducing the underwater environment to your baby in your first class as it offers a unique sensory experience that will help the confidence grow in the water.