Photoshoot Saturday 4th August 2018

All Hallows School in Farnham

from 10:15am

photoshoot 1
photoshoot 2
photoshoot 3

Saturday 5th August 2018

All Hallows Pool in Farnham

Slots avaliable from 10:15am

  • Shoot sitting fee
  • Shoot sitting fee for each additional sibling
  • 1 Digital File
  • 3 Digital Files
  • All Digital Files bought within 7 days of photos going online (1 child)
  • All Digital Files (1 child)
  • All Digital Files of siblings

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To book onto our underwater photo shoot contact our office on: 01420 481239 or email:

Starfish Underwater Photography Information

Top Quality Equipment

We use the latest camera equipment and set up an underwater studio in your pool, complete with underwater backdrop, and backlights.

Small Groups

After a little warm up, you will take it in turns to pass your child to a Tadpole Tots baby handler, who will submerge your little one for their underwater photo. We aim for three submersions per child but if they are happy and time allows, they can have up to six! We also take some above the water photos to give them a break from submersions.

We Have Costumes!

Superman, and Fairy outfits and a range of costumes are included in the costume box and are free to use during your photo shoot. We also have a range of props the children can swim with for their photo.

Great Value Digital Files

Please visit www.starfishunderwaterphotography.comfor more details and shop!

See you in the pool ☺

Please note once photoshoot booking is taken and paid, we are unable to refund for any non-attendance. Full terms of the shoot will be sent out with your invoice before payment is made.